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Shin GC

  Shin GC

Born (08/12/77) and raised in the U.K, Shin started his musical career in the Bhangra industry as a Dhol Player for the Jugnu Dancers (Gravesend) and Gabhru Panjab De (Birmingham).
He then went on to play as a live musician for loads of bands & did thousands of performances all around the world-all before the age of 19!!!! Not only this but also recorded percussion for albums by such artists as B21 & Apna Sangeet.

Studying Music Technology at degree level and learning other traditional instruments from acclaimed musicians in Panjab gave Shin the chance to combine his ideas into production format.. Guided by DJ Sheikh & Pete Ware - GROOVE CONTROL WAS BORN!! Not only establishing the artist in the U.K. but making him a household name throughout Europe & in India.

This debut album laid a foundation for Shin which music producers dream of and having gained the knowledge & experience of his first solo release Shin is know back bigger & better with BASSLINE..8 tracks which promise to take the music industry by storm.

For more information check out www.shingc.com

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