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DJ Sheikh

  DJ Sheikh

The man behind his own Hoye Hoye and Kiss Records.

DJ Sheikh and KISS RECORDS have emerged together to leave a serious dent on the British Asian music scene.

With his own debut production album Hoye! Hoye! making the news in 1993 led by the infectious hits Aaja Billo and Dhol Mera Yaar Da. Without question, the first time two UK produced albums had received such an amount of prolific amount of radio airplay. The label and producer were now both established as a force to be reckoned with.

DJ Sheikh used this platform to take his creative abilities further by singing an array of artists combining the tastes of Bhangra, Hindi and Qwaali to Kiss Records. With such albums like Dhol II Dhol, Big Boom 3, Bhangra Addicts and the biggest selling album of 1996 The Dholaholics taking a large chunk out of the British Asian music cake, DJ Sheikh signed up the superfluous talents of the Canadian Prince Jazzy B. His debut album Ghugian da Jorra rose to the challenges of his adversaries and made him the newest teenage star of Bhangra.

Into the new millennium, DJ Sheikh finally unleashed Hoye! Hoye! 2 featuring a host of guest vocalists including Jazzy B. He went on to work with todays biggest names in bhangra Manmohan Waris & Kamal Heer. With a number of co-produced projects also in development, DJ Sheikh and Kiss Records are ready for all challengers.

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