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Desi Crew

  Desi Crew

Desi Crew are a team of dynamic, musical people intent on making their mark on the UK music industry.

Since turning professional at the millennium, Desi Crew - originally from Gravesend in Kent, have gained an enviable reputation and breadth and depth of performance experience. The crew boasts a much broader than usual range of talents! These stem from musical and vocal abilities, but extend to skills as DJ's, MC's and to musical arrangement, production, and concert promotions.

With clear goals and an understanding of the pitfulls of the music industry, Desi Crew formed to provide an entertainment service to a mordern and evolving Asian Community, understanding that there it is important to provide a musical fusion which breaks new ground and yet keeps a firm link with their community's cultural roots. It has often been said that music can transcent cultural and language barriers, and so music is perfect form of expression for Desi Crew's long term objectives and to help Asian music reach to its ultimate potential.

Desi is a word taken from the Punjabi language meaning 'of the homeland'. Desi Crew took their name as they feel that the word itself nearly encapsulates their music and ideals.

Desi Crew Music Co. will assuredly become a household name in the near future - known as professional specialists in DJ performance, dhol drumming, events, P.A. hire and concert promotion, artist management, education and musical workshops.

Desi Crew are: Sukh, MC Illy, Indi, Sehmbi and Kam Hayer.
Website: www.desicrew.co.uk

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